Residential Pest Control in Oklahoma and Texas

Defending Your Home Against Unwanted Pests

No one knows where or when pests will strike. Unfortunately, a long list of pests can threaten your home. Even though they might not be there today, the pests could take over any time. One of the keys to your home pest problems is to practice pest prevention and call pest control services in Oklahoma and Texas for pest reduction at the first sign of trouble. 

Here at Allstate Termite & Pest Control, we understand what a pest infestation can do to your home. The dangers and discomfort associated with pest control are something you and your loved ones shouldn’t need to deal with the dangers and discomfort associated with pest control. Therefore, our team works hard to offer effective pest control solutions. 


Pest Control Services We Offer in TX and OK

We offer various services focused on keeping your home safe and comfortable, regardless of any challenges you face. We offer a variety of residential services, including

Insect Control

There’s no shortage of insects trying to break into your home. Allstate technicians can find these pests and remove them from the premises. We also offer strategies for deterring insects from coming into your home.

Termite Control

By the time you notice termites in your home, thousands of them have already invaded your walls, creating tunnels and eating into your framework. We can find all traces of termite infestation. We can then set termite bait, create barriers, and add wood treatment to drastically reduce the termite population.

Bed Bug Control

Do you have a problem with bed bug infestation? If you have a bed bug problem in your house, we can send a licensed bed bug exterminator to find and remove them. We can remove bed bugs from your bed, couch, rugs, and other fabrics and furniture. Our bedbug specialists use heat treatment, spot treatment, and mattress encasement.

Schedule Pest Control Services in Oklahoma and Texas

If pests are infesting your property, it’s time to contact the professionals at Allstate Termite and Pest Control. We offer pest controll services in Oklahoma and Texas. To schedule residential pest control service, fill out our contact form or call us for an inspection.