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How much do you really know about pest control? Most home and business owners know what they’ve read about pests online, and that means they don’t know all the facts. Here at Allstate Termite & Pest Control, we want you to be informed. Check out our FAQ to learn everything you need to know about pest control near me.
Pests wouldn’t be considered pests if they were easy to get rid of or prevent. Because of this, you can be certain that every local pest is resilient. Most pests hide out in hidden places and are resilient. If you kill off a few pests, the remaining ones will reproduce and take over. DIY pest control techniques don’t completely exterminate pests.

Every pest problem is unique. Therefore, it’s impossible to say how long your pest treatment method will take to get results. In some cases, the results might be immediate. This is the case with wasp nest removal. However, major infestations don’t go away immediately. It could take days for a pest control company to fight off termites or ants from your property.

Once again, there is no single approach to pest control. Some situations might call for baits, while others require traps or multiple treatments. Our team evaluates the situation and considers all of the possible treatment options. We only use the treatment that will be effective and safe for your home or business.
If you rely on Allstate Termite & Pest Control for pest treatment, you might notice that we begin outside. This is because we want to stop pests from ever stepping foot inside your home. By spraying a perimeter around your home, a technician deters all types of pests. They also look for possible entry points and ensure that your home is difficult for pests to access.
Depending on the type of infestation you have, you may need more than one treatment. For instance, flea infestations are difficult to combat. We need to treat several times to be sure that no fleas remain or reenter your home or business.
If you sign up for routine pest prevention, you need regularly scheduled service calls. But what if you don’t see any pests in your home? Do you still need service? The truth is that you need routine treatments to keep your property pest-free. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before they show up again. If your home isn’t treated, the pests could invade at any time.
Whether you have pets or kids, you might worry about the safety of pest control. Fortunately, Allstate Termite & Pest Control always has safety in mind. We are happy to answer all of your questions about the safety of our products.
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