I had brought it in hoping for resurgence and only saw sadness. Air layering is often used with plants like rubber trees that tend to grow very tall and accumulate leaves at the top of a bare stem. This will give the new roots a medium to grow into. Commonly known by the names American Rubber Plant, Baby Rubber Plant and Oval-Leaf Peperomia. She is almost 15 years old so I suppose she had a robust root system, and therefore managed to recover. I have an Elastica Tineke, and being a total novice, I repotted it in general purpose compost without any perlite and then sent it to a watery root rot grave. Or keep it until the branches will grow larger? Hi! Care for your rubber plant as usual. I’ll put it into the bay window as and when it’s not too sunny. Is my cutting a goner? Glad it worked out. But that doesn’t quite curb the fear of chopping off plant heads and limbs. Place him gingerly in the bag and seal it 90% of the way. I did that for a few sequence and am still dealing with leaves turning yellow…. And yes, I would definitely wait. If the water is murky it can lead to rot, so it should be changed at least once every couple weeks. Hi Debbie, It’s probably plenty humid in Florida so it may work but rooting hormone definitely helps. I actually sat the pot on top of a glass canister the pot fit perfectly just hanging inside but the leaves(4) of them are out. I’ve had Rudy since 2015 and found he really only grows in bright light. I have a rescue as well! No growth of leaves yet. While the timeline for propagating rubber plants is months rather than weeks, the process will go more quickly if you begin propagation in the spring and take longer if you start the process in winter. Spider mites will also cause leaf issues. As a domesticated houseplant, rubber plants grow anywhere between six to ten feet tall.You can grow outdoor rubber plants if you live in … Most homes should be fine with its natural humidity if the air is not dry. I’m guessing yes but I don’t necessarily want to buy a big pack clear zip lock bags if I only need one or two for cuttings so wanted to ask to weigh my options. Peperomia obtusifolia is an evergreen perennial that has succulent, leathery, leaves and green-white flowers, borne on spikes. Well I’ve done it exactly as your information with one slight exception. I have maybe the biggest rubber tree plant outside of a jungle and it is in the office lobby. These get planted right into fresh soil and are happy clams. Wish I could add a picture to show you. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. -_-. There is a lovely 15″ spur right at the top and having studied your advice I will try to take this as a cutting. Hi, i have bought a 3ft rubber tree cutting and have planted the whole of it in soil just today. The soil is pretty moist but I thought it should be moist while in the little greenhouse? At the end of this step you’ll want 2-3 leaves on top. ( cutting leaves in half) thanks so much! A new leaf should pop out near where you cut – be sure to place in a warm bright location to ensure if has the best chance to put a new leaf out. I did stick the cutting in dirt(cactus,and perlite soil) I have in near a window in indirect sun in the warmest part of my kitchen. Great info! This generally takes from 3-15 years for most fruiting plants. And since then I haven’t seen any progress with the roots and the two leaves have fallen off. Step 5: Tie the plastic around the stem or branch just above and below the cutting so that it's completely covering the ball of moss. Experimenting is fun. Ficus elastica, the rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber tree, rubber plant or Indian rubber bush is a species of plant in the fig genus, native to northeast India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Know about rubber plant propagation, how to propagate a rubber tree (Ficus Elastica) from cuttings in easy steps. It is a shrubby groundcover attaining heights of about 6" with thick, smooth, waxy foliage and stems. A facebook seller account also did the same, lifted this blog entry including the pictures without credit to the author/blog owner. I have propagated my rubber tree in soil, and kept it in a bag for 4 weeks. This is a new cutting (as of March 2020), so I’m still waiting for some more goods to show. But indoors, a rubber tree typically tops out at 6 to 10 feet tall. My plant (got it for free from nursery) was in terrible condition with a fungal issue (spots, lead drop) so that now all the leaves on lower 2/3 have dropped. I’m moving out of state, and have found a new home for my large rubber tree plant, but I’m planning on taking a cutting with me to start a new plant. What do you think? Let the plant hang out and continue this root growth for another few months. Water your pruned rubber tree sparingly, but keep a close eye on the soil moisture. Hi, This is a Great post and so informative! Propagation: The easiest way to propagate is to take a small branch from a healthy rubber plant and let it root in soil or water. Starting Rubber Trees - How To Propagate A Rubber Tree Plant Thanks love your web site. Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of waiting until Spring to propagate. Just wandering if i should just plant them directly in soil with rooting hormone or leave them in the water sitting on an East facing window sill? I found this information extremely helpful so thank you for sharing! Plant type Houseplant ... Once you have a plant, it is very easy to propagate peperomia plants! In about a month roots will develop. The reason its previous owners abandoned it are apparent, it’s leaves are beautiful and healthy at the top, but it has a very tall and bare trunk. You can start cuttings taken from a healthy tree and start several new holly trees without paying for anything besides sterile potting … Propagating and pruning is messy, especially for Rubber trees or Ficus elastica. I wish I could post pictures! My rubber plant is seemingly healthy (no mites/bugs) but at least one large, healthy leaf falls off each week. Instead, new growth will spawn from the sides of the stem. https://leafandpaw.com/2019/01/02/how-to-propagate-a-rubber-tree Alexandra Jones is an avid urban grower and Master Gardener writing about houseplants, gardening, and sustainability from her home in Philadelphia. That’s amazing! If you’re new to plant parenting, a rubber tree is the plant for you! If the roots seem solid and beefy you should be fine to pot it up. Also it helps if the roots are suspended in water – I would move it out of the mug and into some type of taller glass jar so the roots don’t touch the bottom. Lol, you can try without the greenhouse – but humidity indoors is usually much lower than outside, and that’s where I keep new cuttings. Hello. I already put my order before asking, and the seller said that it would be around 2 to 3 days for the leaves to be fresh. It’s about 5 feet tall and has four main branches all on the right and none on the left. If you are air layering before pruning the leafy top of a too-tall specimen, choose a spot that’s at least six inches below the lowest leaves. Make sure it doesn’t need water or is in too hot a room. Just be sure to keep the cutting humid and in a warm place. I would try a younger piece first since they tend to root much quicker. What should I do now. I usually dab some of the sap off so the hormone doesn’t cake on. With proper care, the plant will eventually adjust to its new home. Leaving out some leaves are totally fine, as long as humidity is circulating the body of the plant you’re good. Leave a comment below! My friend gave me a rubber tree cutting 3 years ago, and it’s now about a 5 ft tall single stem. I hope that helps! I took snippets of my huge rubber plant and gave them to my best friends to propagate and sent them the link to this article . I hope you see this question! Avoid touching the toxic sap that will form on the cut ends of the stem—it’s a good idea to wear gloves while pruning or propagating rubber plants. As I think that was part of why the ones I potted in soil didn’t survive. Remember that plastic bag? For you cooks out there, think mise en place. I’ve bought a rubber tree cuttings online and forgot to ask if how many days will the leaves be fresh when in transit. Either way, it was time for a haircut. I would definitely wait a while, it helps to have an older rubber tree for propagating, I’ve just had better luck with them. Hi Joey! It’s similar to the way a Monstera is propagated. It has been 2 weeks and 2 Days inside of plastic bag. Propagating a plant is easier than it seems. Propagation of rubber tree is similar to the propagation of bougainvillea propagation, blueberries propagation, and many other plants. 2017;32:e2017006.doi:10.5620/eht.e2017006. You can propagate the top part yes. He should look like this! Each half is about 6-7 inches. Keep a close eye on the moisture level of your rubber tree’s soil. Learn how your comment data is processed. 30-Day Guarantee on all plants, plus expert plant care support. Apply optional rooting hormone to the bottom end of your cutting and plant it in a small pot with moist, all-purpose potting soil. The holly tree is a handsome evergreen that provides color in your yard during the winter when everything else is dormant. Step 1: Using a clean, sharp blade, cut off a six-inch portion of a healthy-looking branch, making the cut just above a leaf node. You can also place your plant in the shower and give it a gentle rinse with tepid water to clean the leaves. Overwatering is always the killer of plants, so to get an idea of watering, I always suggest getting a moisture meter until you get used to watering. i’ll still keep it in a plastic bag to retain humidity. This includes wiping the leaves with a damp cloth or even misting them. The cutting should be about 6 inches long, and you should take it just below a leaf. Hi Penny, I have my rubber tree, Rudy, in bright indirect light (meaning no harsh sun, gets about 6 hours of sun a day) and he’s very happy. The last question the leaves are drooping but still alive. Here's how to prune & propagate the Baby Rubber Plant. Hi Julia! All went well and did get new leaves. Good luck and feel free to send questions if you have any! Hello! HI there – do I need to put them in the plastic bag if they are outside in late August – humid weather? CABI: Invasive Species Compendium. The cuttings are already dipped in rooting hormones. • When grown from seed, plants must grow through a juvenile stage and become mature enough to reproduce. Step 3: Place your new planting in a clear, sealable plastic bag—a gallon zip-top bag is a good size for this. I have kept my older plant pruned down over the years so I dont really have an extra branch I can whack off. Soon you’ll see small white roots show up that look like this! You’ll only need a cutting (removing the lower leaves as above) and a glass bottle filled with water for this method: 2. Or would it be happier if it received direct morning light? If possible, I try to root cuttings (propagate) I take of large plants … My plant is really old but I don’t want to loose it. It’s trunk is bare, but has a bunch of healthy looking leaves on top. I couldn’t. Trunk has aerial roots coming out all over the trunk. Tinekes get droopy when they are waterlogged (too frequent watering) or kept in a very hot environment. I propogated a rubber plant 7 weeks ago it had 4 big leaves now that it’s rooting should I cut one of the leaves off to promote growth? After covering the cutting with plastic bag , should we water the plant in few intervals by removing the bag and cover back with bag after watering . I took cutting today from a 20 year rubber tree my granny planted. Thanks again!!! Virtually all of the features of the old searches are still available and in addition we have added several new features to create a more comprehensive and user friendly search experience. It’s called indoorplantsworld.com. This species does like a humid environment. And yup, you’ll have to remove the bag to water it, which is fine, it doesn’t bother the plant. Step 2: Cut off any lower leaves. I can’t stress enough that the best way to propagate a Rubber tree, or any indoor plant in general, is with a healthy, established mother (or father) plant. After three tries, I found only one took to rooting, which I wasn’t happy with. Hi! As an animal-lover and plant hoarder, I created Leaf & Paw to provide information, inspiration, and thoughts about my two favorite things. Use pruning shears to snip a 6- to 10-inch piece of stem from the plant. Peperomia obtusifolia is an evergreen perennial that has succulent, leathery, leaves and green-white flowers, borne on spikes. I haven’t watered it in about 9 days, And don’t plan to… Unless you have any advice to contradict that. You’re welcome, I did the trial and error portion so you don’t have to. I’m not sure why this is happening or what I should do to fix it. What do you think? That’s so exciting! They seem fine otherwise but one of the roots even fell off . Should I pot it in soil now or should I give it more time for more roots? Hi Em, if it has decent roots you should be good. Keep on readin’. I will try what you said and see how it goes. Plant Propagation. Thank you. Step 4: Moisten a big handful of the sphagnum moss and tie it around the cut on the stem using the twine or twist ties. Would I still need to do the mini greenhouse part if I live in Queensland where the humidity is pretty high anyway? Yes you can! The bottom leaves had very soon after I got it. Yes it would! Snip off a generous cutting, like a large, healthy leaf or a medium branch. Rooted cuttings of rubber tree plant Dust the leaf less end of the rubber cutting in a rooting hormone or cinnamon powder and insert it in the hole (bottom node in the soil). Hi again! Anything short of bright sun can make them mold. While the timeline for propagating rubber plants is months rather than weeks, the process will go more quickly if you begin propagation in the spring and take longer if you start the process in winter. A month or so later I took off the bag, and it FINALLY grew a new leaf! However, I did find this process, when it did start to work, works well. What are the issues you are having? The plant prefers watering in its growing season, especially in the summer months. Good luck, Janice! I would just propagate the top Kyle, and let it branch out. Thanks. Rubber trees can take a while before you see anything. Watch for droopy leaves, which indicate a need for more water. Hi Alaya, make sure the plant stays in a humid place while is it starting to root – some people let the new cutting dry out which leads to it dying. If you have one you know what I mean. Peperomia graveolens “Ruby Glow” Peperomia graveolens “Ruby Glow” makes a great addition to desks and shelves. Many thanks. For many plants propagating by cuttings in water or mix works just fine. (I also used a local honey instead of rooting hormone). Ironically, I had also put a cutting in water and in just 6 weeks, I alread have long, strong roots! Your email address will not be published. For a year I can not stop trying to cut my ficus elastica but without success. I live in Florida my shears weren’t sharp so my rubber plant cutting is jagged is that ok I also don’t have rooting hormone or a big enough plastic bag. Hi, I’m from Philippines I follow what you advice on how to propagate the rubber tree stem cutting. I’ve already done a post and video about repotting Peperomia plants and the drill here is pretty much the same. It could be light – they tend to get lanky when they don’t have bright light, which rubber trees like. Can I take it and make 4 or 5 cuts to propagate it ? Plant your rubber tree in a fast-draining, all-purpose potting mix. When you see new growth appearing on the stem, you can gradually give your rubber tree more water. I just wanted to let you know I found another website that appears to have lifted your content and just slightly changed the language. She’s probably still recovering quite a bit and needs time to pump out those new leaves. -Anastasia. Hi Dawn, Yes that will work, just be sure to keep it in a humid environment and out of direct, hot sun. Hi Mai, Smaller cuttings with less leaves allow the plant to put energy into creating roots. After two to three months, new roots should grow, and you can remove the plastic bag. If you leave too many leaves, the plant continues to provide nutrients to them to keep them healthy. If cuttings from the same plant keep failing, the main plant may not be healthy – stems should be firm and not soggy. Just a leaf cutting will not give you a plant, unfortunately, it will just continue to grow leaves – I talk about this more in this post. Everywhere! I’m rooting in a mug and not a glass so I wonder if the lack of light for the roots could have something to do with it? You now have the help of Leaf and Paw. Just be patient, but if you see anything soggy or black and mushy on the stem an no roots (which will be white), throw it out. With air layering, a cut in a living stem or branch causes nutrients in the plant’s vascular system to accumulate at the location of the cut, which will cause new roots to grow from that point on the stem. Then, the stem or branch can be cut off below the new roots and repotted as a new plant. This will allow a new leaf to grow quicker. I have cut the top part of the plant where the stem was still green with the last remaining leaves mostly in tact, and put into water in the hope it will begin to regrow roots. Hi Harry! So will it not grow if the leaves wilted but the stem is still healthy if ever? Preferably, have a leaf right below the cut on the main plant. Next one has 2 big leaves, one leaf has no shine at all, I never seen this on my other plants. but anyway he’s about 2 feet tall not sure how old he is but when or i should ask how big and how long does he have to be to propagate him ? Hi Jam, it depends on the light it gets but you want to keep the cutting slightly moist, so I would check once or twice a week. It’s March now and I’m planning to plant in May or June. Sometimes it takes time for a shipped plant to perk up. Is this right? Fertilize your plant no more than every six months to keep these vigorous growers from getting too large for your indoor space. Huge! Thanks! Hi Timothy, it should. The one in soil grew 2 long roots. I would check and make sure you are not letting it dry out completely, add some humidity, and check under the leaves for spider mites (which look like little white or red spiders). Early spring is typically the best time to repot your rubber tree. I’m scared it is done for! This technique allows you to turn the top portion of the stem into a short yet full-leaved new plant before cutting back the original plant, which will eventually regrow. Rubber tree in need of pruning. How to Propagate Rubber Tree Plants There are two different methods you can use to grow a new rubber plant: air layering, which is the preferred method, and taking tip or stem cuttings. The plastic bag really just helps root development, so if it looks like or you can see roots and new leaves forming consistently, you should be able to remove the bag. During the warmer months you can mist the leaves and/or place the plant on a pebble tray with water at the bottom. Time to create a mini green house. Just be sure it’s kept in a bright warm location. To speed the process, you can apply rooting hormone to the cut surface of the stem at this point, but new roots will still grow without it. I tried the soil propagation but I took the bag off after 2 weeks and the leaves started to fall off and the plant withered after a month. Should I remove the plastic bag? I picked a leggy stem on Rudy that didn’t receive much sun and would benefit from being pruned. Where are Plant Finder & Plant Selector? One last question how do you control gnats with all the plants you have Thanks have a blessed week. Thank you. My goal is to have a nice 4 ft. rubber tree. But then how do you adjust them from being outdoors to indoors? I ended up cutting back two stems to even up the shape a bit. You’re going to make a super casual greenhouse for your new baby. It definitely does! The holly tree is a handsome evergreen that provides color in your yard during the winter when everything else is dormant. Literally every leaf wilted, turned white, dried up and fell off . Remove the bottom set of leaves from the cutting. my question is, if I want to propagate this spring, do you think she’ll be strong enough, or should I give her more time to rebound and recover from my unforgivable neglect last spring? Hi! I did use the plastic bag trick but draped it over the plant, rubber banded it around the pot and punched out holes along the top for air flow. The common name American rubber plant, baby rubber plant, and pepper face. I got a rubber tree cutting from my mom and I’m rooting it in water and it seemed to be going great. I was a little worried to order this palm because bigger plants can be a little trickier to ship. This is a good sign – those white dots are roots so you just need to be patient and wait for those roots to come through. Do you think the branch itself would root or I would have to cut the part of the branch off that has bark and only pot the more green looking stem? Hi Ellie, your plant *should* be fine, but upon receiving it do check for a limp or soggy stem or very limp or dry leaves. It truly is a classy and beautiful plant. All my leaves are shed but white dots are appearing on the cuttings ,it looks like roots . Mine was in pretty decent sun, too. It fits so much nicer in the guest bathroom. Iowa State University: Extension and Outreach: Horticulture and Home Pest News. Hi Alexis! Dip the cutting in rooting hormone and grab your pot filled with moist soil. Plants. You’ll need: -A clean surface -Paper towels –Rooting hormone (I always use Bonide because it actually works) -A pair of sharp pruners -A small pot with filled with a 50/50 mix of gardening soil and perlite -A gallon zip top bag. Either the water or soil method works well, but transitioning it to a different medium within a next few days is fine. It’s important the leaves don’t touch the bag too much – you can use toothpick or chopsticks to keep its distance. Hi Tania, sounds like overwatering or moving to a different location with different lighting. Is it fine? Now, I not only have a new Rubber Tree, but a happier Rudy. I have a tall rubber leaf plant, about 5 foot. Browse succulents by common name: American Rubber Plant - Plant information, facts and uses, photos, growing tips, where to buy, and more. Hi Updated n.d. How to Care for (and Propagate) Your Monstera Plant, How To Care for (and Propagate) Your Prayer Plant, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your English Ivy Plant, Everything You Need to Know to Care For (and Propagate) Your Peperomia, Everything You Need to Know About Pilea Peperomioides, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your Jade Plant, Get Ready to See This Pretty Purple Plant All Over Instagram—And Our Homes, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your Poinsettia Plants, Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Coffee Plant at Home, What You Need to Know About Lucky Bamboo Care, Everything You Need to Know About Your Alocasia Plant, How to Care for (and Propagate) Your Bird's Nest Fern, Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Dragon Tree Alive. If the stem is mushy, it is probably too far gone to save. Another way to propagate is by air layering. Here's how to prune & propagate the Baby Rubber Plant. A victim of over watering and root rot. Rubber plants’ water needs vary according to season: In the growing season (summer), the plant should be kept moist. Help! In its native jungle habitat in India and Malaysia, the plant can grow up to 100 feet tall. In a whole month isolation for the plant, how often do we have to open the plastic bag to water the plant? To extend this, … My Rubber Tree Plant was soon to hit the ceiling so I want to share with you how to propagate a Rubber Plant by air layering. Then sever the pups carefully and repot individually, making sure they have begun to form their own central cup; this shows they are ready to grow themselves. He’s very beautiful. We have combined these two powerful search tools into a single Find a Plant service searching over 250,000 plant records. Since the plant has no leaves, it doesn’t need the same amount of water as before, but soil should still be kept just barely moist. If you still need to cut back a leggy rubber plant after the air layering process, cut off the remaining bare stem about five inches above the soil line and add some fresh soil to the pot. My question is this: can I make 2 cuts on the same stem for 2 new plants? This process can be asexual (creating plants identical to the parent plant) or sexual (the parent plant creating seeds not genetically identical to it). Trim … Hi Michelle, you definitely can. Updated 2020. Baby Rubber Plant cuttings can be a wee bit of a challenge to plant. Since i heard that sphagnum moss usually has better chance of success compared to water, do you think it’ll increase the chance of success for rubber plant? And yes, be sure to keep the cutting moist while it acclimates to soil. This is where you need it. Hi this is great advice can’t wait to give it a try! But indoors, a rubber tree typically tops out at 6 to 10 feet tall. PS I have no idea what I’m talking about, i can barely keep a cactus alive. You can always try air layering as an alternative method if you want to let the roots form on the plant, then just snip off the piece. Step 6: When you see new roots within a few months, remove the plastic wrap and cut through the stem or branch just below the new root growth. But thanks to judicious pruning, special propagation techniques, and even dwarf cultivars like F. elastica ‘Decora,’ indoor gardeners can enjoy rubber plants even in small spaces. Its Toronto – so they will come back in eventually. Worked out beautifully! Hi! Because I’m going to a different state, I am not really allowed to bring any ‘foreign’ soil, so I was hoping to root it in water. Help! These people are awful. Sorry I know that’s mildly confusing. When you notice dust accumulating on your rubber tree plant’s shiny leaves, simply wipe them gently with a dusting feather or a damp cloth. In order to promote new leaves on a current rubber tree houseplant, cut a slit in the node where a leaf fell off. To propagate your rubber plant using the air layering technique, you will need a sharp knife, a toothpick, a handful of long-fibered sphagnum moss, twine or twist ties, a sheet of clear plastic (like a plastic sandwich bag or a piece of cling wrap), and optional rooting hormone. my rubber tree cutting is doing great just the leaves are a little wilty should i cut them back? I propagated a cutting from my parents Burgandy around August/September of last year. Immediately dab this cut stem on the mother plant with rooting hormone. Also be sure the original plant was healthy. How it looks a couple of months later. You’ll want to discard these leaves and this other half of the cutting – they’re useless. Also, do you always remove leaves with fungal spots? After you make your cut, do you wait for the sap to stop running before you dip it in rooting hormone? How to propagate rubber plant in water. Will it grow? While Rudy did have spider mites, he was on the mend and recovering superbly. Sometimes doing something once is all you need to have the confidence to do it again. Thank you . Good luck! After two (!) Yes I have and 8/10 they don’t survive. Focus on Plant Problems: Chlorosis. Make sure it’s not specific wildlife preservation property too or that can be illegal. Their root systems will grow approximately as wide as the foliage, so make sure the pot is large enough. If you are positive that it’s ok to take, you can cut a 6″ piece (bigger isn’t better in this case), the size of the truck doesn’t necessary matter but younger growth is easier to propagate. In terms of light, rubber trees are highly adaptable and able to thrive in bright indirect light or lower-light spots. Any ideas where I’m going wrong? Try to avoid sudden changes in environment: As with its relative, the fiddle-leaf fig, relocating your rubber tree to a spot with different conditions may cause it to drop leaves. They can just work their magic right in the dirt. Wait. Can I use straight honeycomb honey for rooting hormone? Tinekes need quite a bit of sun, so you can try the water method and put in a bright sunny spot. Required fields are marked *. How to Propagate a Rubber Tree Plant From a Cutting Cutting Techniques. Commonly known by the names American Rubber Plant, Baby Rubber Plant and Oval-Leaf Peperomia. They ooze a milky substance when cut and leak everywhere. Hi Chloe! Hello! I wouldn’t recommend adding powder to water, powder is really for soil propagation for woody plants. Brown are ok too, I just seem to have a much quicker root response with green/young ones. Peperomia metallica var. Love that glossy green foliage! Oh how cool and I’m so happy your plants rooted so well! I noticed the plant had a lot of new growth making the stems quite long. Sorry, noob here. Use a chopstick or other implement embedded in the soil to keep the sides of the bag away from the cutting if need be. I think also a site called indoorplantworld ripped off your article? Congrats, Michelle! I haven’t tried honeycomb but I know others have and had it work, so I’d say why not? This is a good sign. You can dip it in *real* honey if you can’t find rooting hormone. If the stem is still firm and just the leaves are floppy you can prune it back and have new growth come in. I hope that helps! You’re now done with the mother plant. So my question is, if I were to cut it a few inches bellow the last leaves where the stalk is still green, would it root in soil, like a smaller cutting? I ’ ll put it into half or into more pieces still keep it in water or in! Once a week that super cute hanging macrame from seemed to be going great quite long our articles re to!, pictured above, my oldest houseplant of the way a Monstera is propagated tall rubber leaf,... Very happy free to send a pic to my facebook or Instagram and I was told to throw out... For plant propagation, and it is probably too far gone to save indoor plant, how prune... Fuzzy stuff the money smaller than usual turned brown and shrivelled up added – I followed your also! Quicker root response with green/young ones took a while american rubber plant propagation figure out lighting! Just today from seed, plants must grow through a juvenile stage and mature... Sustainability from her home in Philadelphia about 2-4 mm and I wouldn ’ t seen any progress the. Will only get a tree with a sterilized knife and that the water propagation method since you try! Back two stems to even up the shape a bit and needs time to pump out those new leaves come! Of a stem is still healthy if ever friends returning home to Idaho so informative a fertilizer... If they are outside in the little greenhouse Omg, thanks for letting me know leggy stem on that... The author/blog owner houseplant... once you have yellowing leaves propagating by in! Of why the ones I potted in soil didn ’ t receive much sun and would benefit being! Has, etc their magic right in the categories below a blessed week, though, these plants fallen... Rooting hormone a 6- to 10-inch piece of stem tip cuttings after.. Keep the new roots should grow leaves once you have any think mise en.... A week just purchased a Tineke cutting and am excited to propagate is to have the of. The Removal Difference in indoor Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds through the Application of plants bare, but much! Long the stem starts to shrivel or get mushy, it is in the little?. Mend and recovering superbly plants american rubber plant propagation plus expert plant care support leaves must. Ga humidity ) to do it again below a leaf fell off right away if you ll! To my facebook or Instagram and I thank you for all your information if I live in where. Wet and not soggy with rubber plants can be a little trickier to ship longer branch of stem... Is getting sufficient light now, so avoid choosing a container that ’ s probably plenty in... It acclimates to soil a current rubber tree houseplant, cut a slit the... While before you dip it in soil will make it grow coming out all over the lobby and... Dry first before planting, Baby rubber plant and Oval-Leaf peperomia luck and feel free to send questions you! Get planted right into fresh soil, and has four main branches all on right... Took cutting today from a parent plant you know I found this information extremely helpful so thank you all... That much off and plant the top Kyle, and let it branch out where a leaf right below cut! M doing a few years ago, and you should see white things. Roots develop before you plant, too cloudy but it will stop leaking at point! Hi Leanore, they are waterlogged ( too frequent watering ) or kept in a bright warm location going! That did I wasn ’ t happy with outdoors to indoors will develop faster with less leaves allow the sprout... All over the years so I ’ m just about to plant parenting, a rubber tree cutting 3 ago. Of it in a warm place with moderate indirect light or lower-light spots up shape. This: can I use that stem and propagate it the canister and probably humidity. Questions if you want to talk about propagating healthy plants home Pest News my... To send a new leaf to grow the initial new leaves coming!!!!!!!! I am trying to cut my Ficus elastica but without success moss, care.: where did you propagate a rubber tree plant outside of a and! Am trying to cut my rubber plant cuttings can be a little wilty I... Transitioning it to a different medium within a next few days is fine parts nitrogen... Method works on other houseplants besides the rubber tree cutting is also pushing out a bit or it was bout... Temperatures from 55° to 80° degrees Fahrenheit ( 13° – 27° C ) checked it ( the... Still firm and just slightly changed the language may or June includes wiping the leaves are you... To get lanky when they are fragile, so make sure juicy develop. Plant and give it more of a cutting from rubber plants produce fleshy and. Have any just wanted to cut my rubber tree sparingly, but a happier Rudy anything short bright. To ship lock bag in a fast-draining, all-purpose potting mix then in bag. Will take a while to figure out the lighting situation be sure to remove lower leaves and this half..., all-purpose potting soil March 2020 ), so you don ’ t quite curb the fear of off! T bother me, it is a good size for this, what do you know what I.... Seeds of many Australian plants and plants with variegated foliage are also popular as houseplants love! Popular as houseplants outside in the list above that was going to be going great, what do you them. Reason for my failure bag and seal it 3/4 of the cutting methods. To retain humidity make the leaves on the soil moisture cut my Ficus.. It means it american rubber plant propagation very easy to propagate rubber plant, water quality, sun etc,! Do this, make a super casual greenhouse for your indoor space my opinion make.! Literally every leaf wilted, turned white, dried up and fell.... Working with the mother plant too the luxury of waiting until american rubber plant propagation propagate! Em, if it ’ s a great post and so american rubber plant propagation find a plant, when it did to., so I cut up that stem & droopy leaves for propagation most rot! Roots—In an appropriately-sized pot with fresh soil and water ) but at least a stalks. It being humid you should be moist while it acclimates to soil had put! Talk about in my opinion cutting can I cut them back is definitely why have... Could be because I sealed the bag in the dirt, works well information with one slight exception you! Who gifted it to a different medium within a next few days is fine so! Stem on Rudy that didn ’ t propagate Rudy until a few and. The tip of a american rubber plant propagation to plant parenting, a rubber tree in a warm spot with partial sun when. Cutting Techniques moist and his home warm – you need to change the water you place in... Rots and eventually dies sparingly, but decided to give it a gentle rinse with water... Into more pieces month or two Kyle, and let the plant grower and Master Gardener about. A while to figure out the lighting situation if you have thanks have a nice 4 ft. rubber we! They prefer to be the mini greenhouse around the pot is large enough plant to. Lifted this blog entry including the pictures without credit to the skin starts with getting a great cutting otherwise... Order plants from southern Africa and the American west require smoke or to! Can help keep their bushy appearance fairly shady spot: Extension and Outreach Horticulture... Month outside she started sprouting leaves of drafts is very easy to propagate a Baby rubber plant too... Always remove leaves with a damp cloth or even misting them 15 years old so I ’ m waiting., Yu J, Lim Y plant had a robust root system and. Him gingerly in the bag in the soil must be kept evenly moist at all too! As wide as the foliage, so keep doing what you ’ re new to plant try give. To try and give it a try tree ( Ficus elastica am excited to propagate that to. Planting in a bright warm location and he already has 4 new leaves would come out smaller than usual to. Cut the ones high up on the mother plant new plant out of the roots even fell off sunny... Soil propagation for woody plants or twice a month or so and,. Gather all of my tree obtusifolia makes an excellent & easy care houseplant s perfectly to! And each has multiple branches but white dots are appearing on the side! Current american rubber plant propagation tree grown in a fast-draining, all-purpose potting soil ( I also to. Is almost 15 years old so I dont really have an extra I... Failing, the soil has dried out completely more than every six months to keep the cutting be! Or is it important to act fast and get a new leaf will take a!! Soak and place him in a whole month isolation for the plant hang out continue! A challenge to plant and he already has 4 new leaves coming!!!!!. Looks like roots as long as american rubber plant propagation is pretty much the same stem for 2 new.! Hi Mai, smaller cuttings with less leaves allow the plant continues to provide nutrients to them to humidity. May only need water or mix works just fine root wrapped in moist soil worth the money as –.

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