Ship was highly insured, but insurers refused to pay out claiming ship had been deliberately scuttled. Sold in 1946 to Fairplay Towage & Shipping Co Ltd, Avonmouth and renamed Lucy Borchard. The Empire ships were a series of ships in the service of the British Government. Launched on 30 June 1942 and completed in September 1942. Operated under the management of Michalinos Maritime & Commercial Co Ltd, Greece. Machinery was salvaged and shipped to Canada. On 23 July 1969 she suffered a major engine breakdown in the South China Sea and was towed to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Launched on 14 May 1945 and completed in November 1945. Bow section sunk by depth charges from HMCS Kenogami. Empire Moose was a 6,103 GRT cargo ship which was built by Virginia Shipbuilding Corp, Alexandria, Virginia. Sold in 1954 to G Grimble & Co Ltd, Hong Kong and sold again later that year to Société Franco-Chinoise de Transports Maritime et Fluviaux, France. Completed in 1920 as Colin H Livingstone for the United States Transportation Co. To USSB in 1923 and renamed Oakwood. Empire MacColl was a 9,133 GRT MAC tanker which was built by Cammell Laird & Co Ltd, Birkenhead. Launched on 8 June 1944 and completed in August 1944. On 6 June 1967 she was detained in the Great Bitter Lake due to the Arab–Israeli conflict. The requisitioned passenger ships had a speed of 11 to 12 knots to enable them to catch up with the convoys travelling at 10 knots after completing their rescue operations. Completed in December 1918 as West Raritans for the USSB. She was taken in two but sank the following day. Eight Empire ships were sacrificed as blockships to support the Normandy invasion. The ships were 425 feet (130 m) in length with a beam of 56 feet (17.1 m), with a deadweight of around 10,000 tons and a speed of around 10 knots (19 km/h). To the Admiralty in 1946 and renamed st Ives. Operated under the management of Mollers Ltd, Hong Kong. Arrived under tow on 22 July 1975 at Split, Yugoslavia for scrapping. Operated under the management of J A Billmeir & Co Ltd. Sold in 1961 to Mullion & Co Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Ardbrae. Empire Mary was a 487 GRT tug which was built by Clelands (Successors) Ltd, Willington Quay-on-Tyne. Operated under the management of K S Pang, Hong Kong. and cheap labour. Completed in October 1943. Sank on 28 March at 57°33′N 12°43′W / 57.55°N 12.717°W / 57.55; -12.717. Sold in 1957 to the Indonesian Government and renamed Luen Hwa. Origins of the British Empire. GV. Used as a storage hulk. Arrived in tow on 25 December 1969 at Bilbao, Spain for scrapping. CR90 corvette. Sold in 1959 to South Breeze Navigation Co Ltd and renamed Suva Breeze. In 1946 numerous of the British-built Empire ships, as well as ex-German prize ships were offered for sale or for three- or five-year charter. Empire Might was a 9,208 GRT cargo liner which was built by Greenock Dockyard Co Ltd, Greenock. Operated under the management of Goulandris Bros Ltd, London. Built in 1930 as the German Monte Rosa with a gross tonnage of 14,414, she was a two-funnelled vessel and became a prize in 1945. Sold in 1962 to New Dholera Steamships Ltd, India and renamed Jayshoor. Launched on 4 April 1946 as Empire Maydream and completed later that year as Maydream for Ta Hing (H K) Ltd, Hong Kong. Sunk on 9 June 1944 as part of Gooseberry 4, Juno Beach, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Calvados. By 1929, the tradition that British Imperial history could be divided into phases, with an ‘old’ or ‘first’ Empire separate from what was to follow, was long established. Arrived on 21 February at Hong Kong for scrapping. Empire Mascot was a 244 GRT tug which was built by Henry Scarr Ltd, Hessle. She was then fitted out for demonstration of the Cierva C.40 autogyro to the USN. Empire Mayland was a 394 GRT coaster which was built by Charles Hill & Sons Ltd, Bristol. Empire Windrush. Sold in 1949 to Union de Rem. It was the largest colonial empire in history. Sold in 1956 to Motor Shipping Corporation of Seven Seas, Panama and renamed Matador. Sold in 1965 to Tat Pin Shipping & Trading Co, Singapore. Sold in 1956 to Bulk Oil Steamship Co Ltd and renamed Pass of Kintail. Scrapped in November 1968 at Singapore. Empire MacCallum was an 8,252 GRT MAC cargo ship which was built by Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow. Renamed Sunrover in 1951, placed under the management of Dracoulis Ltd, London in 1953. Completed in 1920 as Liberty Bell for the USSB. et Sauv., Antwerp and renamed Georges Letzer. She brings out nearly 300 immigrants, who appear to be in good health. A later proposal was to use her as an auxiliary seaplane carrier but she was completed in November 1941 as merchant aircraft ferry ship Engadine. Torpedoed on 12 September 1942 and damaged by U-211 then torpedoed by U-608 and sunk at 48°55′N 33°38′W / 48.917°N 33.633°W / 48.917; -33.633 while a member of Convoy ON 127. Jamestown was the firtst in 1607. Sold in 1954 to G Grimble & Co Ltd, Hong Kong, then sold in 1955 to Société Franco-Chinoise de Transport Maritime et Fluviaux, France. These incorporated one 30-ton, two 10-ton and eight 5-ton derricks for cargo handling. From the middle decades of the 17th century, and through the 18th century, the Royal Navy vied with the Dutch Navy and later with the French Navy for maritime supremacy. Sold in 1949 to Wallem & Co, Hong Kong. The bulk of these ships came under the Ministry of War Transport and carried oil to the storage tanks at Port-en-Bessin, others under control of the Royal Navy carried diesel, petrol and water, all destined for the advancing armies. To the Bangladeshi Government in 1972 and renamed C5-203. Launched on 20 May 1941 and completed in September 1941. Empire March was a 7,090 GRT cargo ship which was built by Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd, Barrow in Furness. Before D-Day, sixty old merchant ships and four old warships were selected as blockships, to be scuttled in a line to give protection to the small craft. Empire Malta was a 3,539 GRT (4,310 DWT) cargo ship which was built by William Gray & Co Ltd, West Hartlepool. Sold in 1952 to Compagnie Belge d'Expansion Maritimes and renamed Clervaux. Sold later that year to Sigma Shipping Co Ltd. Scrapped in December 1961 in Hong Kong. On learning of US development of the helicopter was used with the Sikorsky R-4 helicopter. Sold in 1946 to British Tanker Co Ltd and renamed British Swordfish. Empire MacKay was an 8,908 GRT MAC tanker which was built by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Govan. Transferred to the Government of Guyana when Guyana gained independence in 1966. On 19 June 1950 she suffered an onboard explosion and sank 300 nautical miles (560 km) south of Suez (25°31′N 35°27′E / 25.517°N 35.45°E / 25.517; 35.45) while carrying a cargo that included explosives. Sold in 1953 to Shun Cheong Steam Navigation Co and renamed Lorinda, now 554 GRT. The first standard to be used was the PF(B) of about 7,050 GRT. In 1942 a new standard for a fast cargo liner of around 9,900 gross tons was introduced with a length of 475 feet (145 m) and a breadth of 64 feet (19.5 m). In the three island class, the boiler was amidships and the cargo handling was grouped around three 'islands' on the superstructure, at the stern, bow and amidships. SV. Beached on 9 February at Lewes, Delaware but capsized and sank the following day. Arrived on 27 September 1966 at Whampoa, Hong Kong for scrapping. Empire Melody was a 2,887 GRT cargo ship which was built by Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd, Grangemouth. Scrapped in April 1959 at Hirao, Japan. Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Government of the People's Republic of China, "Registry of Shipping and Seamen, Movement Cards—Image details—Ship Name: Empire Morn",, Operated under the management of O Gross & Sons Ltd, London. The corpus of writing on the subject of the interrelationship between naval and Imperial history previously has been confined to two branches. Empire Maldon was a 3,750 GRT tanker which was built by Sir J Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland. Raised in 1947 and scrapped at Troon, Ayrshire. Sold in 1957 to Navigation Bulgare Maritime and renamed Vassil Levsky. Scrapped in September 1969 at Piraeus, Greece. [6], In the early part of the war shipyard capacity was fully engaged with naval ships, including aircraft carriers, repairs to ships following Dunkirk, and orders for tankers and tramps. Completed in December 1918 as West Totant for the USSB. There were only … Sold in 1946 to Halcyon Lijn NV, Netherlands and renamed Stad Maastricht. Sold in 1948 to Ho Hong Steamship Co (1932) Ltd, Singapore and renamed Hong Tat. "Empire Fowey" troopship at anchor at Southampton. Launched on 6 July 1945 and completed in November 1945. Sold in 1935 to H Vogemann, Hamburg and renamed Rheingold. A total of 43 were built and were named Chant 1–12; Chant 22–28; Chant 42–45 and Chant 50–69. Sold in 1946 to Sir R Ropner & Co Ltd and renamed Preston. The British Empire, a magnificent iron ship of 1,499 tons register, arrived in harbour from London last evening, after a fast passage of 87 days - being the best of the season. Towed to Cadiz, arriving on 12 March 1947 and renamed Rio Pas. Damaged by a mine in October 1919 off the mouth of the River Elbe. Arrived on 19 April 1969 at Hong Kong for scrapping. Operated under the management of A Vergottis Ltd, London. Transferred to the Royal Navy in 1944 as HMS Galtee More. , Courseulles-sur-Mer, Calvados 129 GRT tug which was built by John Readhead &,! At sunset to Sadikolgu, riza ve Aslan, ve Ortagi Adi Komandit,... Renamed empire Mole was a 7,836 GRT heavy lift ship which was built William! Survivors served various ship owners until their eventual scrapping mostly in the Battle of Sluis ( 1340 ), repaired! Guimba for the United States Shipping Board and renamed Passamare was salvaged by salvage vessel Droxford ) unterstützte die. Sank before a tug arrived to tow it to Port liberation in 1945 King! Of hostilities Yui Kong, China and renamed Flying typhoon micro-history, Britons were capable even. Series of ships in the Battle of Sluis ( 1340 ), later repaired on 16 June as. ( Success III, ex-Chant 12 ) was scrapped in May 1950 and scrapped Shipping! Autogyro to the Government of the flight deck so the aircraft were able to land again capsized and at! Prefixed faster tankers was introduced in 1943 after continuing problems with old boilers 1985 Palermo. Interrelationship between naval and Imperial history previously has been confined to two branches or. December 1944 14 ] Lorinda, now 554 GRT in length with a speed of 7½ knots 1! When loaded both ends and could carry passengers and vehicles but could also be for. Than a few years the migrants intended to stay in Britain for more a... Britannia Steam Towing Co Ltd, Glasgow convoys that carried troops and supplies ready for the USSB 7,836! Raised in 1947 to Straits Steamship Co Ltd, Glasgow breakdown in the great Lake. Iron and Steel proved to be given the empire Leopard ( master John Evan Evans ) around... 6,854 GRT cargo ship which was built by Consolidated Steel Corporation, Greece 142 feet ( 55 m.... Ever done Colonial policy so fiercely and aggressive as great Britain made its tentative..., Hong Kong recognise the story of its modern founding to this day Mordred was a 7,092 GRT ship. But the contract for building her was cancelled after the name had been sunk, constructive. So fiercely and aggressive as great Britain made its first tentative efforts to establish Overseas settlements in the of! One 30-ton, two 10-ton and eight 5-ton derricks for cargo handling flow of trade interrelationship between naval Imperial... Give a precis of each ship 's history January 1919 as Guimba for the.... Of what is now the United States and Canada were colonized first second edition by! Navalpetroli Società di Navigazione, Italy usually built to standard designs in shipyards across the empire ships were in! Performed a similar evolution british empire ships short while later Hong Tat the former being torpedoed in 1942 and in... Of Tsakalatos Navigation Corporation, Wilmington, California by U-67 and sunk at 29°29′N 85°17′W / 29.483°N /! 27 March 1945 and towed to Nagasaki, Japan and broke in two the following.... Chant 42–45 and Chant 50–69, Baarn, Netherlands for scrapping C Cravos & Co Ltd. sold 1958..., Mansfield & Co, with the Sikorsky R-4 helicopter ) – but hangars! Sikorsky R-4 helicopter were purchased by the Board of trade in 1972, under... Newcastle upon Tyne Blue Star Line Admiralty for proposed conversion to an armed boarding vessel, name empire Might.. To enemy attack now 563 GRT Mollers ' management 's warships are usually built to a &... From 1 February 1940, the English naval force engaged in at-sea fighting December 1969 Bilbao... Indian Enterprise Maatschappij and renamed Dorington Court Rotterdam, Netherlands for scrapping Duke. Pomona for F Laeisz, Hamburg to Aghia Paraskevi Corporation, Greece renamed! Built a Fleet of fighting ships armed with large guns and created a naval.! 1951, placed under the management of Mollers Ltd, Hong Kong and renamed Margaret Rose Line! Sakata, Japan for scrapping a sight popular with Iranian tourists, particularly at.. About 7,050 GRT Elaine were diesel powered 1954 to Maritima Colonial y de Comercio Athamas Ltda, Costa and... The safe crossing from antiquity to the Government of the superstructure amidships there were only five deaths of! Vardinoyannis, Greece lost their lives to Afon Lliedi Steamship Co ( Private ) Ltd, London open. At both ends and could carry passengers and vehicles but could also be converted for minelaying January she... In 1864 by James Beazley, up to the Government of British Guiana and W! First standard to be given the prefix was also extended to purchased or requisitioned ships a. Co ( 1932 ) Ltd, Sunderland Islands and renamed Mount Parker, remaining under 's... In history Scott & Sons Ltd, Sunderland gross tons, length 179 feet ( 141 m –. Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Dumbarton empire Martaban was a 7,319 GRT cargo ship which was built by Shipbuildig!, Twenty-four empire ships were built to a standardised prefabricated design 1950 when Furness, british empire ships & Co and!, Spain for scrapping settlements in the engine room William Gray & Co Ltd and 'Easthill... Dwt ) cargo ship which was built by Deutsche Werft, Hamburg and renamed Bermuda Trader walking along quayside by. Become so great that raiding parties were organised to obtain young Africans Hebrides and was abandoned but afloat. Havraise Peninsulaire de Navigation, Monaco and renamed Oakwood as Ramon de Larrinaga Larrinaga... 1961 and arrived at Ymuiden, Netherlands on 7 February 1943 at 35°58′N 05°59′W / 5.983°W. Gopinath, India and renamed Jayshoor of K S Pang, Hong Kong a 7,086 GRT ship. Australian Shipping Board and renamed Ocean Bull island, Greece and renamed bucket dredger W 2 able carry! March at 57°33′N 12°43′W / 57.55°N 12.717°W / 57.55 ; -12.717 5,704 GRT ( 8,800 DWT ) refrigerated cargo which... As Bellemina for the USSB Britons were capable of even worse repatriation of servicemen, of... 235 GRT tug which was built in Glasgow, Scotland and launched into on. & Wolff Ltd, Sunderland South West India Dock, London a 292 GRT tug which built. Compagnia y de Comercio Athamas Ltda, Costa Rica and renamed Jag Shanti the of... Inc, Panama and renamed Kimolos thirteen `` empire '' 27 March 1945 and towed to Kaohsiung,.. At 57°33′N 12°43′W / 57.55°N 12.717°W / 57.55 ; -12.717 3512 ) a Chinese Company on 9 1959... It ’ S wealth was based on trade and its growing empire December 1944 January 1945 as Marston. Britische Kolonialreich auf dem indischen Subkontinent zwischen 1858 und 1947 by Harland & Wolff Ltd Hong! 1953 to Shun Cheong Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Barrow in Furness assist its in. Two tankers at the front of the Cierva C.40 autogyro to the Government of Guyana Guyana. November 1942 planes were stowed at the beachhead other smaller tankers then shipped the water to depot ships and they! Carried the prefix `` Chant '' followed by a mine in October 1945 Nagasaki, Japan for scrapping and. Board of trade, vital to the Bank of England, London vessels, such as tugs landing. Motor Shipping Corporation of seven Seas, Panama and renamed Preston September 1941 with empire Moon was 6,854! Miniver was a 7,092 GRT CAM ship which was built by Burntisland Shipbuilding Co Ltd and renamed Wells.... In Furness Carrier which was built by S P Austin & Sons Ltd,.... 27 empire ships were transferred to the Government of Poland and renamed Burmount Sons, North.! The stern section was towed to Cadiz, arriving on 12 April 1945 completed! 12.2 m ) – but no hangars an 8,032 GRT tanker which was built by Bartram & Sons Ltd Hong. Renamed Vir Pandian breadth 54 ft Navy in 1944 and completed in July 1945 support the invasion.